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From a black tie event, to a formal wedding, to a backyard BBQ, to a Hot Rod cruise night, we are one of New England's premier bands ready to entertain and perform for you. 
Never Easy is a unique, fun band performing a mix of New & Old Country music, with a "hint" of Classic Rock & Roll.   Experienced musicians from different venues unite to create a sound second to none. The magic vocal harmonies of  Stephanie, Robert, Mike, & Vinnie will amaze you.  Our music will have you tapping your feet and jumping up to dance.   Never Easy plays songs that will have you saying "oh I remember that one".  Take a look around, check out all the pages, and give us a call if you need info.  
******** Thanks for visiting, & enjoy! - Stephanie - Robert - Vinnie - Rich - Mike ********

Hmm, which one of these buttons will make my kick drum louder? They will never notice ...........
Why so many snare drums?
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 Many thanks to our rodie and friend Dave T. for all his help before and after all our shows.
Much Appreciated!!!
A whole lot of Country and a Little bit Rock & Roll
OMG - These things are hurting my ears!
Hey, whos shoes are these?
I used Select-A-Size paper towels.....
UGH, Rich said I "HAVE TO" wear this stupid hat....
Hmm, is there a stop in this song? 
Did you just take my picture?
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Is that Chad Smith watching us?
La, la la, la la la la ........